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I'm so lucky to live and write in the San Francisco Bay Area.  With its beauty and iconic images, it serves as an inspiration for me.


The purpose of my site is to provide information about myself and my recent books. I write romance novels and romantic suspense. 


You can navigate my website by clicking the buttons along the side. Click CONTACT THE AUTHOR any time you wish to leave me a message, or just check into what's happening with me, and I'll get back to you.


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EYEWITNESS -- Romantic Suspense. (Co-written with Phyllis Humphrey).
TONI ABBOTT, a soap actress who was posing for him at the time, becomes a suspect when photographer Craig Landis is shot to death. Either a fall, or the sudden shock, cause temporary amnesia, blocking her memory. Did Toni witness the murder or was the fatal bullet meant for her instead? Either way, she's in jeopardy.
There are plenty of suspects: a jealous wife, a pregnant mistress, a disgruntled partner, even a former prison inmate. Or did Toni's popularity on the soap opera provide motives for an aging actress, fearful of losing her job, or the director who's under pressure to eliminate Toni from the show?
Toni consults an attorney and they work to solve the puzzle. But not before her life is threatened twice more and she finds another dead body. Will her memory return in time to escape a final attempt to kill her?

FOREVER MINE -- Romantic suspense. Published by Resplendence Publishing, it is available through All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookStrand and Resplendence Publishing.

When Dave, a serial killer responsible for a string of murders in Seattle, becomes fixated on up-and-coming fashion designer Allie Nash, Detective Ben Sutter and his partner are charged with protecting her life. Although evidence confirms that Dave and Allie’s former neighbor, Jimmy, are heading to her San Francisco home to lay low, she stubbornly refuses to vacate the premises, which she uses for her business. A semi-finalist in Designorama, an important fashion competition, she needs all her equipment to remain competitive. Sutter and Thompson agree to each take a twelve hour shift inside the house, as long as Allie plays her part and continues with the telephone connection she’d inadvertently been drawn into with Dave. As he nears the city, the danger escalates when he claims another victim, leaving his trademark, a heart imprinted with FOREVER MINE on the woman’s body. Terrified of an encounter with Dave, Allie turns increasingly toward Sutter for strength. Having sworn off women, in the wake of a toxic breakup, he finds himself physically attracted to her. Although the detectives have all the angles covered, on the night of the competition, things go very wrong, and Allie faces a life-threatening encounter alone.

THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU -- Contemporary Romance. Published by Crimson Romance, it is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Crimson Romance

Sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to offer an honest opinion. So when Molly Hewitt does, she lands in all kinds of trouble with up-and-coming San Francisco builder, Nick Mancini.  He’s offered the tenants in his small, newly acquired apartment house—the one sitting smack in the middle of his latest condo project—twenty-five grand to vacate the premises. But thanks to Molly, who runs a not-for-profit medical clinic down the street, they’re holding out for a hundred. When Nick discovers Molly is behind the inflated figure, he sets out to do whatever it takes to charm her onto his team. Either he convinces her that his tenants need to downsize their demand or his next project will be digging himself out of bankruptcy. Since she has the face of an angel and a bod most men only dream about, as campaigns go, this one shouldn’t be too painful. Molly, no pushover, is up for the challenge. Or is she? A session with Ouija confirms she’s not immune to Nick’s charms. Not only is he single and available, he has enough sex appeal to melt titanium. Add that to a kiss that puts more than an extra z in sizzle, and Molly starts thinking about the L word. But unless he ups his buyout offer to his tenants and keeps his wrecking ball away from her end of the street—where rumor has him next aiming it— he’s strictly catch and release.
MOONLIT DESIRE -- Award Winning Historical Romance. Published by Camel Press, it is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Camel Press.

Catherine Bradshaw arrives in New York Colony from London obligated to marry Jeremy Flint, a man she knows little about and whom she fears. Immediately after the ceremony, as they travel to Flint's home in Tarrytown, their coach is waylaid by Rive St. Clair. A French army captain, for the past sixteen years, he has sworn vengeance against Flint. He abducts Catherine and heads north with her, confident Flint will follow to where Rive awaits him: the Indian village where Flint once instigated a massacre. Catherine's courage is put to the test, especially after Flint's cowardly plot to rescue her fails with dire consequences and Rive brings her to Quebec City, the French stronghold he has pledged to protect against a British invasion. Here he teaches Catherine the  true meaning of love, honor and devotion. The French city falls to the British, and Rive is captured and accused of spying. When word reaches her that he has been condemned to death, Catherine must face her most daunting challenge.  

SOUTHERN STAR -- Contemporary Romance (Co-written with Phyllis Humphrey). Published by Avalon Books, it is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Marilee Shaw's inheritance, the yacht Southern Star, is in default to the bank.To save it from the auction block, she decides to honor a Caribbean cruise planned for two couples. But with no captain available, she's forced to approach Gary Pritchard, a man she once loved but refused to marry. He agrees to skipper the cruise, but only if she comes along as crew. In addition to the danger of succumbing to Gary's charm and good looks, she has other problems. Trying to sell the yacht in a down market and the discovery that her customers are not what they seem make the excursion anything but seaworthy. Will the romantic but rocky voyage rekindle their love or scuttle it?